Validation Metrics

Registered relays are rewarded ATOR in proportion to their useful contribution to the ATOR network - Proof of Uptime. This represents a relays useful bandwidth contributed to our network, which is exactly the metric we aim to incentivize. These metrics are aggregated from measurements taken by a decentralized set of relays, and published immutably onto the blockchain.

Arweave Metrics

Our collected metrics are published in close-to real time on Arweave, permaweb storage powered by blockchain. These metrics then act as an endpoint for downstream smart contracts, primarily Smartweave (smart contracting built directly onto the Arweave ecosystem). However, our metrics are also accessible via our request protocol by third parties.

Build on our metrics!

We’ve developed novel data structures that builders can employ to query our published metrics. Specify exact queries to retrieve data following our structure using GraphQL, following the structure outlined below:

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