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The gas-less ATOR Registration Protocol beta is now live!
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ATOR empowers global internet anonymity through on-chain incentives for Tor, and facilitates wider adoption of secure network relay protocols through our products. ATOR initially contributes the following to the existing internet anonymity network:
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    Release and management of the ATOR Protocol, a system for Tor relays to register with an ERC20 wallet and receive cryptocurrency recognition in our native currency, $ATOR. Tokens are paid out automatically in accordance to cumulative ‘useful’ uptime, a metric aggregating consensus weight, relay type and other metrics and set via token governance.
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    The rollout of the ATOR Relay, a low-powered hardware device that is built to immediately interoperable with the ATOR Protocol, allowing non-technical users to earn ATOR recognition passively and contribute to internet anonymity through Tor


Internet privacy is a human right, but across the world, internet users have grown accustomed to non-consented collection, censorship and monetization of their activity. This phenomenon is worldwide, even in developed countries. The incumbent internet protocols are built for control, not anonymity. Tor is the decentralised, peer-to-peer anonymity protocol that changes this*.
More Tor relays active means users are better anonymized, the network is less prone to attack, and speeds are faster. ATOR proposes a novel recognition mechanism for Tor relays, facilitated by the Ethereum blockchain and the ATOR token, to recognize contributors to Tor in an anonymized and equitable way. Our aim is to grow both the provision - the speed of the Tor network and resilience to attacks - and adoption - the number of internet users able to make Tor their default web choice.


ATOR is currently in the early stages of development for two, subsequent goals. The first is to enable anonymized payments connected to services built on top of Tor (hidden services), transacted in ATOR, allowing the ATOR protocol to facilitate the transition of popular web2 and web3 services onto Tor. Services could include RPCs, gateways and storage, and will include utilities built by ATOR themselves onto Tor.
The second is to provide modular improvements to the ATOR Relay, including versions with ‘router’ capability - allowing users to route their personal internet activity through Tor without needing to configure their devices, while earning as a relay simultaneously - and other add-ons to also earn via the aforementioned services. However, ATOR believes evolution is revolution; our tech will add value at every stage and complement existing protocols to have the greatest positive impact.

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*ATOR is not a subsidiary of Tor, nor is it endorsed by Tor. Any opinions or views expressed by the Tor team are not associated, nor a direct reflection of the team at ATOR.
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