Introducing our Relay

The ATOR Relay is a low-power, autonomous computing device built to run as a node in our anonymous network. It can be configured to function seamlessly with the ATOR Network, empowering non-technical users to contribute to global anonymity and gain ATOR recognition tokens.

While most internet relay protocols can be operated on from a user’s personal computer, this often becomes highly wasteful and can drain computing power if the device is also used on a day-to-day basis. The ATOR Relay can act as a dedicated, low-power relay device and is configurable with little to no technical knowledge.

Routing Functionality

Through 2024, the ATOR Relay device will gain routing functionality, allowing it to create a WiFi signal that routes all traffic through privacy networks. The ATOR Relay will function as an all-in-one home device to allow easy access to anonymous services across all home devices, significantly lowering the bar to participation in anonymous networks, while still making passive rewards as a relay.

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