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Phase 1: Project Launch ☑️

Phase 1a: ERC20 Token Launch

: February 2023
Launch of the ERC20 token - ATOR, on the Ethereum mainnet. ATOR was paired with WETH. on Uniswap on launch under an allocation listed in our tokenomics section.
Completion Note: ATOR is now also available on MEXC exchange
Note: ATOR is now represented by ATOR Labs LLC based in Norway

Phase 1b: ATOR at ETH Denver

: March 2023
Representatives of ATOR will be present at the ETH Denver conference, available to meet to discuss the protocol and connect with builders operating in the decentralized and privacy space.
Completion Note: Our team representatives were fortunate to address our community live from the venue

Phase 1c: Architecture and Technical Whitepaper

: March 2023
ATOR will release its first iteration of our Technical Whitepaper, intended to be a living document outlining our architectural and system design approach to building out the ATOR Protocol.
Completion Note: Our Technical Whitepaper is available to read on our GitHub

Phase 2: Relays, Registration and Metrics

Phase 2a: Develop Private Relay Registration

: Q2 2023
The ATOR dashboard will release to onboard existing relays into the ATOR incentive ecosystem. Owners can register their relay fingerprints, as well as an ERC20 wallet that receives recognition rewards.
Completion Note: The ATOR Dashboard allows for gasless registration, meaning ETH wallets can sign ownership of relays with a gasless signature that is validated off-chain, and published to Arweave.

Phase 2b: Kickstart relay registration through education series

: Q2 2023
Education and outreach is at the forefront of our mission - it is ultimately relay operators and believers in privacy who will create the change needed to transform the internet. ATOR will release an education series for establishing relays, across platforms.
Completion Note: Education and outreach is ongoing! You can see our education series live as it continues to develop and evolve
Phase 2c: Create Consensus Weight Metrics
: Q2 2023
Formerly referred to as Proof-of-Uptime, ATOR's primary metric for relay contribution to the network is Consensus Weight. ATOR will build a self-running network of validation servers to collate and push to-chain relay bandwidth and consensus metrics.
Completion Note: ATOR's Validator network is now live and functional across our distributed private cloud of bare-metal servers. Our metrics are published immutably to Arweave, and can be queried via GraphQL as outlined in our valid-ator repo.

Phase 3: ATOR Relay v1 and Protocol Validators

Phase 3a: BoM and PCB Prototypes for the ATOR Relay

: Q3 2023
Transition from existing microcontrollers to own-hardware. Scope out the ATOR Relay, a low-powered device suited for acting as a relay in our network, and built to be plug-and-play for the non-technical user.
Completion Note: ATOR has onboarded a dedicated hardware division, that has rapidly built up the internals of the ATOR Relay - a combination of dedicated sourced single-board computers with custom PCBs with cooling, interface and encryption modules

Phase 3b: First Prototype of the ATOR Relay

: Q4 2023
Manufacture the first ATOR Relay prototype. Build out firmware and onboarding scripts for ease-of installation and configuration.
Completion Note: We are thrilled to share images of the first working samples of the ATOR Relay

Phase 3c: Deploying Validator Server and Smartweave Aggregation

Deploy the validator servers with enterprise level OpSec. Distribute the ATOR token on L2 via SmartWeave contracts, that will then work interoperably with the ETH distribution via an oracle.
Completion Note: Our distributed vault servers are active, enabling secure security for validator keys. In addition, working with Redstone Finance Oracle, we are have developed a novel method to push mappings through a cross-chain oracle funded at point-of-claim

Phase 4: Incentivization Protocol Beta and Hardware

Phase 4a: ATOR Protocol live on Goerli testnet

: Q4 2023
Registered relays will be able to see their cumulative contribution to the network on the dashboard and claim testnet tokens, as the protocol is live and bountied to ensure its resilience once live.
Completion Note: ATOR entered Goerli Testnet on 21st August 2023, ahead of original schedule! Our dashboard is now live and connects to Goerli testnet, and has a new distribution and claim page. To triage issues and feature requests, we have created the ATOR Development channel.
Phase 4b: First Open Testing of ATOR Relay
Manufacture out an initial batch of ATOR Relay prototypes and leverage extended team and community members to undertake open pen testing, UX testing and open reviews.
Phase 4c: First preorder of ATOR Relay Hardware
: Q4 2023
The ATOR Relay, configurable from our dashboard, will have its first batch pre-order. These units will be preordered through a series of NFT sales.

Phase 5: Building the ATOR Network

See our Medium article on the acceleration of our timelines and new direction

Phase 5a: First MVP Onion-Routing Network

: Q1 2024
Build out the first MVP of our novel, incentivized onion-routing network. Allow users around the world to install our relay package and begin participating in beta testing.

Phase 5b: Decentralize and broaden directory authorities

: Q1/Q2 2024
Develop framework for clients in our onion-routing network to identify suitable relays without relying on the centralized control of a limited set of bandwidth and directory authorities, leveraging a verification game with blockchain.
Phase 5b: Routing Functionality for ATOR Hardware
: Q1/Q2 2024
Enable home users to use the ATOR Relay as a routing device, tunneling their traffic through private networks across all devices.

Phase 5c: Automate crowdsourced metrics provision and integrate with the ATOR Protocol

: Q2 2024
Deliver the fully incentivized, integrated ATOR Network inbuilt with the protocol to allow our scaled relays to take in real traffic in beta.

Phase 6: The ATOR Network For Services

Phase 6 encompasses the service interface and scaling ideas outlined in these docs, including
  • A universal interface for all DePin services to operate within our network
  • ATOR Team's own services and endpoints
  • Introduction of third-party service pools
  • Private circuits for dedicated bandwidth and services
  • New types of traffic through our network for new use-cases, including those in conjunction with our hardware
  • Specialized services built directly onto relays such as storage and compute
As we continue to ideate with our newly onboarded team from Forte Group, these will form part of our dated roadmap in dedicated sprints.