Token Distribution

For detailed Tokenomics information, check out Part I of the ATOR Tokenomics Report


The ATOR token is an ERC20 token with a fixed total supply of 100,000,000.

As of September 2023, 75% of ATOR token supply is circulating, with the remaining allocated as follows:

  • 10% of supply will form the pool of tokens that fund the perpetual tokens rewards for relays in our network

  • 15% of supply is linearly vested over 18 months, supporting outreach, partnerships, development, listings and team funds.

  • 75% is currently circulating, including tokens within LP pairs and exchanges.


ATOR is a fair-launched token, with no presale or VC holding. Our unique raise contract used in the launch stage, and the 4/4 tax for trading ATOR on the Uniswap WETH/ATOR pair, have together enabled us to self-fund our mission without large institutional or VC holding. The application of linear vesting prevents sudden, large token unlocks that have caused issues for other newer cryptocurrencies.

The ATOR token contract has a 2% tax on buys and 4% tax on sells when trading ATOR on the Uniswap WETH/ATOR pair. There is no fee on transferring tokens. The fees have been essential in enabling our astounding rate of development across enterprise level infrastructure, software, hardware, education and outreach. In addition, part of our fees is used for automatic liquidity, with over 1M USD of LP created, all of it burnt.

Note: Change in Source of Funds for Relay Rewards

Following the 24th of August token unlock, the source of funds for the 10% recognition rewards changed from the 18-month vesting contract (address: 0x234...81b) to the token unlock. This is a move towards greater predictability and availability of funds, allowing the entire 10% to be moved to the facilitator vault shortly after mainnet launch.

The 10% of supply that makes up the base relay rewards is currently in 4 secured multi-signatory wallets and 1 locked wallet, for the duration of the current testnet period.

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